• Scrollable TopBar™

    Our patent pending Scrollable bar at the top allows you to browse easily for all the available services. Swipe left, and click on the icon to avail the service.

  • Chutkule ( Jokes)

    Lift your spirit or just have fun by asking Ramu Kaka to tell you a joke. And he will speak out one of her many jokes in Hindi! And hope that it makes you laugh!

    Usage: Tap ‘Joke Sunao’. Hear Joke. Laugh!

  • Cricket Score & News

    Get Live Cricket score through Live score. Also get Top stories, sports, finance and Bollywood news through the News option.

    And click on Share if you want to share the news or the cricket score.

    Usage: Click on the icon. Simple che!

  • Jyotishi Ji & Horoscope

    Know your future – get your horoscope for today & tomorrow. Also ask our Jyotishi Ji any question and know what the stars have in store for you.

    Share the forecast or prediction with your friends and family.

    Usage: : Click the icon, and follow the options. Simple!

Chutkule Topbar Jyotish Jee Short Form Settings Dialouge Tools & Utilities Inshort Reply
  • Personalize the Settings

    You can use the Settings to configure the keyboard - Choose the services &their order on the TopBar™. So that the TopBar is as unique as you are!

    Other Settings coming soon!

    Usage: Usage: Settings > TopBar Settings

  • Filmi Dialogue Stickers

    We don’t believe in tricking you to see an advert. So we have put all our adverts &offers in a separate tab, and you can have a look at them whenever you wish.

    Usage: Tap ‘Ads &Offers’. Select Ad or offer. Have fun!

  • Cab & Auto Booking

    For the frequently used routes ( home to office, home to market etc.) these services provide ‘Zero Typing’ Booking of Auto or Taxi.

    Usage: Simply click on the icon for Auto/Taxi. Choose the pre-saved route you want to travel on. And choose the cab type you want & start the booking journey.

  • INSHORT & Scheduler

    When in a hurry choose from our list of INSHORT messages or define your own.

    Usage: When you need, click on the icon and tap on the list to paste ‘Can’t talk now. Boss in front of me ’ etc.

    Don’t forget to send out that important birthday message or business reminder. Use the Scheduler.

    Usage : Choose the time & day for the message, and get reminded. Simply choose who you want to send it to, paste & done.

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Contribute & Partner


If you are a

  1. Business focused on the needs of a common man
  2. Content provider ( Anything from jokes, cartoons, stickers..)
  3. Developer who wants to use his powers for the good of the common man ( Vegetable price comparison, Gas cylinder booking, train & bus timings, PNR status, right auto fare, Power cuts, even the closest toilet..)

and think your offering would align with the Ramu Kaka philosophy of making life easier for the common man (ask yourself will 1000 people genuinely benefit from this service, if the answer is Yes, then Ramu Kaka likes it !), then drop us a line at namaste@ramukaka.ai with ’Partnership’ in the subject line. Someone from our partnership & alliance team with get back to you within a week eitherways. We respect people, their ideas & their IPR.